Welcome to our International website goodnewsinchina.com. We are trying our best to serve our customers globally. For customers in North America, we would like to introduce to you to Chinese Resource Ministry (CRM, from AFC, Ambassadors for Christ). CRM is our partner in the USA and we share the same vision in ministry. Many of our popular items are also available on their website www.afcresources.org/contents/en-us/d1.html. For more information about CRM, please contact them via email CRM@afcinc.org or toll-free phone number 1-888-999-7958. God bless you.

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  1. The Marriage Preparation Course (English voice, simplfied and traditional subtitles - DVD)

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    The Marriage Preparation Course (DVD with English voice and subtitles, plus simplified and traditional Chinese subtitles) is a series of five sessions designed to help any couple develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage covering:

    •      * Expressing feelings and learning to listen
    •      * The importance of commitment
    •      * Resolving conflict
    •      * Keeping love alive and developing a fulfilling sexual relationship
    •      * Talking about goals and values
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  2. Take Root Below CD: Root Character English Songs for Children, Volume II (Chinese/English)

    These songs (Chinese and English) were created by well-known musician Kim Lytton, a long time resident of China's Yunnan Province, to accompany Root Children Character (2).  This workbook and CD cover 12 important character qualities:

    • Transcendance
    • Loyalty
    • Service
    • Respect
    • Attentiveness
    • Integrity
    • Bravery
    • Sensitivity
    • Teachableness
    • Orderliness
    • Contentment
    • Initiative
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  3. Audio Bible Series: Matthew, Mark (MP3 + reading manual)
  4. The Bible...Basically (DVD)

    Using slide presentations with photos and diagrams, this DVD provides the basic structure and content of the whole Bible in just 9 hours. The author, Dr. John Fryman, is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. Includes an introductory booklet and three disks, one for use with a computer, and two for a DVD player. Learn More
  5. Audio Bible Series: I and II Kings (MP3 + reading manual)

5 Item(s)