Welcome to our International website goodnewsinchina.com. We are trying our best to serve our customers globally. For customers in North America, we would like to introduce to you to Chinese Resource Ministry (CRM, from AFC, Ambassadors for Christ). CRM is our partner in the USA and we share the same vision in ministry. Many of our popular items are also available on their website www.afcresources.org/contents/en-us/d1.html. For more information about CRM, please contact them via email CRM@afcinc.org or toll-free phone number 1-888-999-7958. God bless you.

GNIC welcomes you!


奥古斯丁(Aurelius Augustinus)  马丁·路德(Martin Luther)  约翰·加尔文(John Calvin)  约翰·班扬(John Bunyan)  莱尔主教(J.C.Ryle)  朋霍费尔(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)  C.S.路易斯(C.S.Lewis)  陶恕(A.W.Tozer)  弗兰纳里·奥康纳(Flannery O'Connor)   卢云(Henri J.M.Nouwen)  侯士庭(James M.Houston)  毕德生(Eugene H. Peterson)  威尔斯比(Warren W. Wiersbe)  J.I.巴刻(J.I.Packer)  提摩太·凯勒(Timothy Keller)  阿利斯特·麦格拉斯(Alister E.McGrath)  杨腓力(Philip Yancey)  约翰·派博(John Piper)  陆可铎(Max Lucado)  亨利·克劳德(Henry Cloud)

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